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Cotswold Way Century Race Report and a bit more... by Jason Galpin

I will talk about the bit more first…

Last year Matt Isles announced to me that he was doing The Green man Ultra. I said to him “you must be mad that’s gunna hurt, a marathon is far enough for me!” but a seed of inspiration is planted. A few days later I notice on Face Book that a load of fellow Kingswood triathletes have also entered this event, another seed of inspiration has been planted. On a Wednesday night training run Eric the Eel explains to me that you do not run the whole race and that hills should be walked, it’s a done deal, I now think that this distance is do-able. I soon eat my words and enter this event. The training is thoroughly enjoyable with reccies of the course taking us through the surrounding Bristol country side, on one training run Kes tells me “you have a very efficient stride appears effortless, great for ultras ”well that went in! The Green man Ultra race day arrives and goes like a dream race with a strong final six miles, I finish the race with a smile on my face.  Read the full report here.

14th October Wednesday night run

Where - Page Park

When - 6.45PM to start running at 7.00PM 

Who - Gary Stretton and Lee Francis 

The session will be running efforts of the delightful hills of Kingswood, we have two run leaders to cater for all abilities, depending on numbers we will either have two groups, or the fasts people run back at the top each hill keeping everyone together.

Should be good session.