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 From Lee Francis
Thank you Richard James and Bike Science for sorting this, they are offering club members O2 Lazer Helmet in either White or Black for a great price of £45 each. The dead line for this order will be Sunday 10th November 2013.
If your interested can you please let me know and get the cash and colour choice to Lee, Jamie Evans or Ian Rawlings. ASAP.

Thank You.

 From Carol Aleknavicius
For those who missed the C4 coverage of Ironman Hawaii — with Jessica Fox-Taylor and Matt Langdon.

Ironman on 4 on Demand. Watch Ironman online when you want on 4oD. This edition of the show celebrates the pinnacle of the Ironman season at the 2013 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Including interviews with Europe’s top pros and podium candidates for the men’s titles (Frederik van Lierd…

From Ian Rawlings…
Cotswold 113 – KIT Club Race

Next year’s Cotswold 113 takes place on Sunday 15th June.

Ian has very kindly managed to secure a discounted club booking for this event.

For those of you who are looking for a flat and fast middle distance race or just want to take on the challenge of a middle distance event then you’ll do well to find a better one than the 113.  The 113 does not have a swim or bike cut off and so is a great race for the first timer and the organisers are able to cater for individuals personal needs.

At the race all club members will be numbered sequentially, we will be able to rack together and will all start in the same wave.  Therefore it will be easy to see who comes out on top, but also great for our family and friends cheering us all on at the event.

In order to race as a club and be able to have the discounted entry fee you need to book directly through KIT.  Please DO NOT BOOK VIA 113 EVENTS, it will only cost you more!!!

To secure your entry to the race, please either email, with the following information:



Once you have sent this information to ian, you will also need to pay the entry fee, which for paid up KIT members is just £85.  All cheques should be made payable to ‘Kingswood Tri Club’, if you wish to make a direct transfer payment Bank Transfer use the KIT account acc number 02989485 sort code 30-94-83 With a confirmation e-mail to jeremydale@btinternet.comAgain do not pay 113 Events as you will only be able to pay the full price which is £98.17.

Therefore as a paid up member for the 2014 season you will save £13.17 on this race alone!  Not bad for your £15 membership fee!  If you are not a 2014 member please complete the membership form with your payment to either Jer, Ian, Eric, Jamie or Lee.  Your membership will then cover you until the end the of the 2014 season.

Last year as a club we had a record number of entries and were the third most represented club at the event, let’s look to go a step or two further this year.

Ian looks forward to receiving your bookings!

Good Luck!


  • 8am Warmley Station
  • Well done to Donna Thatcher /Philippa Crocker for sorting out a regular Saturday run. The idea is this will be a regular club event doing both an and off road runs. Everyone is welcome.

From Lee Francis

If anyone is interested VC Bristol Turbo sessions Tuesday nights:
More intensity training with the sadistic Chris Davis ((British Cycling Level 2 Coach)

The SBL Community Sports Centre
The Sir Bernard Lovell School,
North Street,
Oldland Common, BS30 8TS

Every Tuesday evening to the 3rd of December. Evenings start from 7pm through to 8.30pm finish

All the sessions will be based on some form of intensity work as riders can do endurance at other times. This needs to be made very clear so that everyone knows what to expect. Of course, intensity is relevant to each individual and riders can choose how hard to ride!
Riders need to get to the venue in time to set up and be ready to roll all at the same time. Latecomers will miss the warm-up which will be an integral part of the session.

What to bring
Turbo (rollers won’t really do the job for the sessions planned)
Heart Rate Monitor (not necessary if using power meter values)

Chris Davis is a British Cycling level 2 coach currently working with both individuals and the Cunga Pro Cycling Womens Track Team. Chris holds regular coaching sessions at the Wales National Velodrome. Chris is also a British Weighifting Association coach and runs a Sports Injury Therapy practice. Chris is also an active competitive cyclist and has had (age-related) wins on the road and track this year including National and European titles.

Pay up front for all sessions here. £30 for the lot that’s £3.75 a for an hour an a half of structured pain. Last time i looked most gym classes are notching up £5-£6 a time

Don’t forget it’s the track session Monday nights! What better way to spend the evening than with Jeremy Dale at Yate Track.
See you there at 8.15pm for a 8.30pm start.
 From Jamie Evans
Great ride this on Sunday with the KIT Crew in testing conditions. Looks like this Sunday ride is going to be a success. Thanks to all that came along and look forward to seeing more of you soon! Next Sunday at 8.30!!
 From Philippa Crocker
Thanks for the feedback guys a few more TIPS re getting yourself ready for your FIRST 1/2 IM.

This is key to training. Ideally you should do 3 sessions of each discipline a week (1 style/speed session, 1 steady pace/strength session and 1 long slow distance (LSD) session). Clearly it’s difficult to fit all this in with the rest of your commitments. You can get around a 1/2 IM by doing only 1 long run, 1 long ride, 1 long swim once a week every week. However it will be a lot easier if you include other sessions too, this of course depends on your aims (i.e. get around, do a time, do the best you possibly can). So you need to decide what sessions you are going to do once a week every week without fail, (depending on your aim and background). But as a guide this time you year, you should be building up endurance for run and bike, swim is a difficult one as you could argue that as this is influenced greatly by style so it’s better to concentrate on that, rather than distance. The key to get ready for MId Feb is to sort out a PLAN of what are the KEY SESSION you are going to do ONCE A WEEK each week CONSISTENTLY and STICK TO IT.

Again this is a key element to training. There is a great tendency to get caught up in enthusiasm and do too much immediately and quickly burn out. But more damaging is overtraining where you do slightly too much training each week, (week on week), than you can sustain and gradually you grind your self down, you get colds, illness, get injured etc.

So in your build up to mid Feb you need to find out how much training is right for you. As a guide 10-15 hours total is typical. Personally 10 hours a week, week in week out, is my limit.

GOLDEN RULE is if in DOUBT MISS IT OUT (whilst of course ensuring consistency) and BUILD UP GRADUALLY (as a guide increase volume no more than 10% a week). And of course there’s plenty of people in the club who can give you advice and pointers to building up to Mid Feb 1/2 IM Training start.

Although your main focus should be on endurance up to mid Feb, this is also an ideal time to work on STYLE. Efficient style will mean you will not only go faster but you’ll be less tired too, as you won’t be wasting energy fighting your body.
The Club’s MON TRACK RUN sessions, run by Jer, are great for improving your style and the clubs THURS SWIM sessions are set up for this too (remember it’s style not speed that is more useful this time of year).
For CYLING there’s a few KEY things to improve your efficiency.

1) CADENCE (i.e. the number of revolutions of your feet) – Most people use too lower cadence. This means you end up with stiff legs and struggle to recover or run afterwards. As a guide 90-100rpm is typical for efficiency, but you need to find what suits you, IF IN DOUBT PUT YOUR GEAR DOWN. (Note Road Racers use a slightly lower gear as they need to be able to instantly change speed and MTB use lower gears as this is more easy to control on difficult terrain)

2) SMOOTHNESS – There is also a tendancy to do a pumping/stomping action, i.e. pushing your foot up and down. What you should be doing is a nice smooth rotational action where there is constant pressure the whole way around. THINK CIRCULAR MOVEMENT

3) POSITION – There is an optimum position for time trialling. See picture.

- Hips to Pedal vertical and horizontal distance
- Saddle to Elbow distance
- Horizontal Back

But everyone looks slightly different on a bike, so you have to get this right for you. Get someone to photograph you and then you can see what you need to adjust. Again there are lots of people in the club who can give you tips and advice.

From The Triathlon Shop /Thanks Jon for thinking of us….

offers to KIT members…We have been offered the chance to get hold of some 2013 Argon 18 Gallium Pro framesets. They are usually £2000 but we can do them for £1450 to you guys or £1550 on finance.

There aren’t many left, 4 medium frames, 4 large and I appreciate it is still a hefty chunk of money but I thought that we could offer it to you guys first and then if need be open it up to others afterwards.

Our Christmas Meal is at The mezze, Downend. They will provide a 3 course Xmas meal for £26 a head. We have booked the private function room for the evening.  We will need a £10 deposit in the next few weeks. Look forward to hearing from you all soon. Cheers Jamie Evans.

Most of our activity/event/ training sessions now happens on FB – please go to or look up Kingswood Tri Club to find us.

KTCMembershipRenewal2013 - Word Version

KTCMembershipRenewal2013 - .pdf version


Check us out on Strava

4-Up Pursuit Results

Velo Club Bristol
Lap 1 = 19.48
Lap 2 = 20.21

Lap 3 = 20.19

Total = 1.00.28

Kingswood Tri
Lap 1 = 21.18
Lap 2 = 21.30
Lap 3 = 20.51
Total = 1.03.39

Velo Club Bristol Wins by 3 min 11 seconds
Total 24.6 miles, 8.2 miles a lap

Really good day, Velo Club deserved winners, fantastic turn out from both clubs. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Hopefully we can do the same next year.

There is a 3 up TT organised by Chippenham Wheelers on the 14/10/2012. Hopefully both clubs can get some riders entered?

Club Kit Prices and order information

Short-sleeve ¼ zip Jersey = £36.50
Short-sleeve full zip Jersey = £39
Bib shorts medium = £54.50
Tri-suit = £76
Men’s/unisex tri top = £41.50
Tri shorts = £45.50
Training gilet = £54
Arm warmers = £17
Knee Warmers = £24
Skinsuit long sleeve = £74 (for tt’s)

Size Chart =

The closing date for the order will be Saturday 8th Sepember 2012 and it then takes about 4 weeks for the order to be process.

Club Kit money and orders need to be sent via PayPal 

PayPal = send money to

Click – personal, then gift, and in the message if you type what item of kit you want and size.

Or you can to a bank transfer, please email me and I will send you account details

Or Cash, must be in a envelope with you kit order and size and bring it up to swimming on a Thursday. I wont be there this Thursday 9/8/2012 should be there the rest of the time.

Kit orders are based on getting a minimum of 5 of each item!

Thanks Lee.

Kingswood Tri VRS Velo Club 10 Mile TT
Date: Tuesday 7th August 2012
Meet at: The Lamb Inn, Iron Acton.
Registration: From 6.30pm (TT starts 7.00pm due to darker nights)
Cost: £6 each to race which includes food in The Lamb Inn afterwards when the trophy will be presented. The winner is decided on the fastest average of each club.
Top 4 from each club will be picked to race in a 4-up pursuit (3 laps around the lakes, or just under 25 mile).
We had 25 members race last year, which was fantastic! It would be really good if we had similar numbers again this year, so can you please do your best to represent the club next week! Winning the trophy would be a bonus but it’s more important that club members come along and race, it should be a good night with a social in The Lamb afterwards!

Race Results  

Iron Acton 10 Mile TT 24th July 2012


  • 1st Sam Larkham – 22.20Bristol South
  • 2nd Ed Pitt – 22.33Bristol South
  • 3rd Lee Francis – 22.48Kingswood Tri
  • 4th Simon Hoyle – 23.03Paramount
  • 5th Ed Trotman – 23.18Bristol South
  • 6th Jim Peters – 23.18 Sodbury Cycle Sport
  • 7th Daniel Kenpe – 23.50Bristol South
  • 8th Oliver Iles – 23.51
  • 9th Kieran Blair – 24.46 Velo ClubBristol
  • 10th Kieran Murphy – 25.07 Velo ClubBristol
  • 11th Lee Aston – 25.10 Sodbury Cycle Sport
  • 12th Greg Lancaster – 25.12 Velo ClubBristol
  • 13th Lee Rogers – 25.32Kingswood Tri
  • 14th Dan Carr – 25.33Kingswood Tri
  • 15th Ben Scott – 25.36
  • 16th Jamie Evens – 25.40Kingswood Tri
  • 17th Rich Franklin – 25.55Kingswood Tri
  • 18th Sam (Number 30) -26.00 Can’t read name
  • 19thS Broole – 26.02
  • 20th Liam Odey – 26.55
  • 21st Jon Wright – 27.14 Velo ClubBristol
  • 22nd Craig English – 27.17 Velo ClubBristol
  • 23rd Nick Coppens – 27.35 Velo ClubBristol
  • 24th Kevin Wright – 27.52 SRC
  • 25th James Hughesdon – 28.07
  • 26th Richard Chirrock – 29.52
  • 27th Patrick Britton – 30.32Kingswood tri
  • 27th Ian Hamblin – 30.32
  • 29th Rachel Johnson – 30.50Kingswood Tri
  • 30th Derek Johnson – 31.29Kingswood Tri

Great turnout tonight fantastic weather quite a few PB’s I think.

Big thank you to all the people that helped out Lee Rogers, Matt Iles, Ed Stevens, Donna and Andy Thatcher, Mariano Sanchez-Luppi, Matt Langdon, Paul Sheppard and Ash Blackmore, with out you guys the event couldn’t of happened! Thanks again.

10/07/2012 TT Results

1st  Sam Lartsham – 22.46 – Bristol South
2nd Lee Francis – 23.12 – Kingswood Tri
3rd Simon Hoyle – 23.44 – Paramount CRT
4th O Iles – 24.37
5th Rich Hathway – 24.49 – Kingswood Tri
6th Dan Carr – 26.18 – Kingswood Tri
7th Jeremy Dale – 26.21 – Kingswood Tri
8th C Britton – 26.48 – Terrys Cycles
9th Rich Franklin – 26.49 – Kingswood Tri
10th Matt Carter – 28.43 – Terrys Cycles
11th Nic Bateman – 30.58 – Kingswood Tri
12th Laura Butler – 32.35
13th Callum Weaver – 32.46

Big Thank you to Alex Francis and Philippa Crocker for time keeping, Si Davis for setting people off. Rich James, my nan, Dan Masey and Charlotte Adie for marshalling the turn round. Massive help.

Ironman 2013
Ironman Regensburg – no dates announced for next year and rumours on forums that the event will not be going ahead.So I’ve been looking at other events and chatting to other people and a few of us have decided to race Ironman Kalmar (Sweden) instead. James has kindly emailed them and asked about entering as a club and we shouldn’t have any problems getting entries.
If you are interested could you please email me so we know how many places to possibly ask for, and also so I can update you when the places are going on sale so we don’t miss out.
The bike looks very flat and fast.
Thanks Lee.

10 mile TT Results 26th June 2012

1st Ed Trotman – 23.15 – BSCC
2nd R Grimmet – 24.58 – Felt Racing
3rd Greg Lancaster – 25.30 – VC Bristol
4th C Britton – 26.12 – Terrys Cycles
5th Dan Masey – 29.53

Thanks to Jamie Evens, Paul Sheppard and Philippa Crocker for helping Marshall and time keeping tonight.

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