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Slateman Race Report by Sarah Hart

Sarah writes about her experience in the Slateman Triathlon on the weekend of 16th and 17th May

this year...."It seemed a long way to travel for a race, it made much more sense to travel a long way for two races. So I entered The Savage – sprint on Saturday, olympic on the Sunday.

The Sprint Tri... I needn’t have worried about the water temperature; Lake Padarn was a balmy 10 degrees. There were a few elbows flying about at the start of the swim, which I didn’t mind too much- good practice for the 113 and Frankfurt. After 400m my hands, feet and face were numb and I was pleased it was over.

After an uneventful transition the bike course took me up the Llanberis Pass, I quite enjoyed the beautiful scenery as I made my way up the five(ish) mile climb, there was a short, fast descent on the other side of the Pass a u turn in the road and then I headed back up towards the head of the   Pass. I was really looking forward to the long descent back into transition, but there was a strong head wind and I was disappointed not to get my speed much above 30mph even though I was pedalling quite hard.

I have never experienced a run like this one; it was a steep, narrow, rocky track through a bluebell wood straight up the side of a mountain. Not only the hardest run ever, but the most beautiful. It wasn’t an entirely uphill run;  there was a flat part and then a downhill section and then back to   transition. My slowest ever time for a 6k run!

The Olympic Tri...It was quite a relief to discover that the swim was shortened for this race, as I        really wasn’t looking forward to getting back into the icy depths of Lake Padarn. There were more    competitors for this race and the start was even more manic than the previous day, once again it     was a huge relief to get out of the water.

The bike course headed up the Llanberis Pass, over the other side and carried on down towards    Capel Curig, along the Ogwen Valley and then back towards Llanberis, it was a great course, some lovely descents and a fair bit of climbing along relatively quiet roads with good surfaces – this was my favourite part of both events; although I was slightly concerned about the 11k trail run waiting for me.

Hardest run (walk) ever!! The run took me out of Llanberis , around the end of Lake Padarn and     into the Dinorwic slate quarry and then up the zig zags of the quarry- it was incredibly steep and   not very pleasant, however I was rewarded with a fantastic vista at the top of the ridge. The           torment wasn’t over, more uphill followed and then back down through the bluebell woods of the previous day, my quads were crying by this time and I was so pleased to reach the finish line, where all   the competitors received an amazing reception.

All in all, it was a great weekend, the races were very well organised and we were very lucky with the weather. The high point was the great bike course, the lowest point was trying to remain        composed and remove my wetsuit with elegance whilst having a television camera filming me from two feet away – much to the delight of my sister and niece. 

Fresh new running event in South Devon
A fresh new running event in south Devon has been announced recently and is planned to take place on10th October 2015 at Escot Park.
The event is a Run Relay 100 which is a 100-mile trail running challenge with 20 laps each of 5 miles. 
The organisers write "We invite you to enter teams of 2-8 runners to discover if by running in relay you   can complete the distance within 17 hours.  Not only a unique challenge Run Relay 100 is designed to
bring together runners, triathletes and weekend warriors for a touch of rivalry and lots of laughs.  Plus
Plus it's a chance for an end of season knees up as the racing calendar winds down.
Please share this message with friends and teammates and ask them to preregister
now at