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Miss Jolly writes on Facebook – Another excellent track session last night cortesy of Jeremy Dale! See Kate’s status update below

Following a warm-up, Jeremy sets each individual (or small, similarly paced groups) a session/ target to build on their pace, technique and speed. I think I’m correct in saying that everyone in the group has seen improvements in their times/ pace/ PBs – this stuff actually works!!

It would be great to see some new faces at the session, or even some old ones!! All abilities are catered for! 8.30 – 9.30pm, Monday evenings at Yate Outdoor Sports Centre for the bargain price of £3.50.

Kate Sheppard writes – My legs are buzzing! Thanks Jeremy Dale!

Philippa Crocker 8 July 09:06

Phillippa writes on Facebook – Well done to Desmond Green, Gary Stretton and Lee Francis for doing PBs for a 25 mile Time Trial over in South Wales last Sunday on such a windy day

1st Kieran Davies (not KIT, Bristol Velo Club) 48.57 – the honourary tato!
top 20 I think Lee 56.06
Des 1.02.30
Gary 1.02.47
Philippa 1.19.07

Roadford Triathlon is organised by Freak Events – a local company based at Weston Super Mare, who offer up two races; mid distance and novice, set in the spectacular Roadford Lake in Cornwall. It’s a bit of a drudge down for us but it’s only just inside Cornwall down the A30, offers up cash prizes for most age groups and is brilliantly organised. The organiser is willing to give us a good discount for a Club race next year but even though Camping’s available it might be just a bit too far (about 2 hrs. from Avonmouth). However, like the Forest of Dean Tri it’s well worth the distance travelled.

The swim in the lake is superbly marshalled by the SW Lakes Trust with three motorboats and loads of kayaks, nice large swim start area, ride around very quiet country roads and a run around the Forest, they also run a novice race on the same day. One of the better events I’ve been at this year.

Having spent the night camping near by and being kept awake by children singing theme songs from Frozen and then their parents enjoying a glass of wine or two, you could say it was not the best preparation for my third triathlon and first after the Cotswold 113.

This time however, was going to be the first with Bryony (my partner). It’s fair to say we were both excited and a little apprehensive with the weather forecast changing from thunder storms to glorious sunshine and luckily the latter prevailed and we arrived at registration Saturday afternoon only to find that this was a race briefing attended by a few first timers. It was time well spent as both of us didn’t know the course and a quick drive around some of the bike route helped to settle some of the nerves although it was not quite as flat as we thought!!

Sunday am kicked off with some early morning payback for the adults and children as we left in good spirits after breakfast. The event was held at Mallards Pike (near go ape), the transition looked very tight but we sailed throug the initial registration without too much fuss although not having enough change for parking (£3.50) was a stress we both didn’t need before the start. We were going off in small waves, super sprint first, then the sprint waves waves starting with a ladies only wave. Bryony thought this was a great idea as it gave all plenty of room on the swim and there was a great atmosphere once in the water for a floating start (thanks to Eric for the sessions at Bradley Stoke) this was no problem. The men’s waves were the same and I was in wave 4 with Gary Stretton, the standard was a real mix of beginners like me and some very experienced ladies and men in all waves.

The lake was clear, clean and deep in places and well marshalled with canoes, it was quite a tight course with entry and exit being very close. So close Bryony decided to try and get out where the next wave were entering the water despite all our shouts. A quick transition onto the bike and that brought me to the only negative of the day. There was a long gravel route out of transition to the road, it was matted but was about 200m, then once on the road, no overtaking until the cattle grid, another 200m.

The bike route was great, quiet roads and fantastic scenery in and out of the woods and with a couple of (short) challenging climbs Bryony was introduced to her first cat 5 climbs but powered over. What goes up must come down and the the descents were not technical and made the hard work worthwhile, back into transition with the same no overtaking before the dismount and long run back in my cleats, Bryony went with toe clips and this really paid off for the bike – run and I got held up by someone coasting back to transition.

The run was two laps out into the forest and around the lake in the shaded sunshine, first time I’ve experienced the elastic band on the wrist from the marshals for lap 1/2 but it worked well and a big cheer over the finish line. 20 mins of my other sprint time earlier this year with 1:34 and Bryony did fantastic with 1:48. Gary narrowly missed out on a podium finish and it was great to see another KIT member do so well.

Great atmosphere all day and ‘no edge’ to it. This was the first time the event had been run and it did feel like that at times but the support, a great course, the weather and being with friends made it a top day and I would definitely recommend it if they ran again.

Well done to the Kit Team at Castle Combe last night – Wednesday 2 July 2014
1st was Alan Murchison (NOT KIT) 1.19.23
12th Gary Stretton 1.26.46
47 Steve Castle (back after his MTB crash) 1.37.25
56 Rob Andrews 1.40.32

I have been looking forward to this race for some time and had classed it as my A race of the year.

All my training had gone well; however, in the month before the event I was sent ‘up north’ for work and this really upset my race prep! Man up… You just have to make the best of what you have got in your legs. I did fit in a relay middle distance, 2 weeks before just the swim and the Bike – good race prep – for a nutter!

I have raced this every year since it started and have seen it go from strength to strength with the help of the race organisers DB max and Bad Tri. It is relatively expensive, but its not every day you can say you raced in Bristol docks and cycle on closed roads on the Portway!

Checklist – I did a mental check of all my race kit and all was present and correct – I even found a few rubber bands from the bottom of a draw. We parked up at the local boat yard – free parking result! Got my bike out of the car and felt my tyre pressure.. Ar$e I forgot my track pump… luckily the next car to park adjacent to us had one! ‘Don’t you have a checklist’!!!! …States my beautiful Wife! – lesson 1 – make a written check list …..


Registration was well organised, very ordered, seamless, fast and extremely efficient. Even a ‘posh’ pot noodle in the goody bag? They even got advertising space on the T Shirt? Love the offer of a free alcoholic drink from a local pub – nice touch! And some Haribo’s – Tangtastic – my favourite. I was in sticker heaven …Stickers for bike, helmet and love the fact they give you an extra sticker for your Transition bag/box and even one for your support crew! K proudly wore hers on her arm!

Race layout
The transition and race infrastructure layout of the event was well thought out and certain improvements were made from last year – road crossings with marshals. Loads of toilets and never a queue. Nice touch to see Bike Science having a bike mechanic in the form of Andy Sexton at the entrance to T1. Luckily I did not need his services, T1 was organised with numbers and my name on the bar – lots of space for my bike and kit without the normal overcrowding at other races. Did my usual run through of T1 to make sure I knew where my bike was.
Lesson 2 Very important for all to do this and then a run out check. Then it was time chill with my support crew – Katharine and Gem.
Race Brief – comprehensive – However was a bid shocked when they gave us a drafting warning in the swim holding pen – this is your first warning.. the next one you get will result in a DQ’d! 7m x 3m from your next athlete!…

A balmy 20 degrees – water quality ‘good’ visibility poor! Loved the swim – managed to draft the whole way round and completed the 1,500m in a record time of 20mins!!! Thanks to the 10th fastest swimmer of the day. I followed just off his toes and only hit them a few times just to get some payback from the Serpentine swim I did a month ago.
Lesson 3 Draft in the swim if you can. Good swim course all RH turns except one. No ill effects as I am writing this.

T1 – Chuffed to bits with the third fastest T1 time of the day in 2:02mins. Preparation counts!!! I don’t practice it a great deal but in the last 200m of the swim I visualise what I am going to do and visualise the swim exit and where my bike is and how I put on my helmet etc… My shoes are already

on my bike.
4 laps of the Portway – got my breath back and got some food down my neck. Found there was a bit of a head wind going up but you got the benefit on the way down. Loved the bike but was careful not to put too much effort in so I would not have anything for the run. Others were passing me on the bike but I said in my mind I would see them on the run. Lesson 4 Don’t get caught in a testosto ride and then use all your beans before you get to the run (Lee Francis you know what I mean!) I did have a short ‘man o man’ but remembered the above advice and let him go.

Not so clean and I had 3 race marshals blocking my way – in my red missed I over ran my racking zone! Lesson 5 visualise your T2 location without your bike!!! Use a towel on the ground if they let you. Lost valuable seconds!!. I have to use socks so again I lost a few more seconds putting my socks on – my T2 position dropped to 48 – must get better…

Happy with my run splits between 6:45 and 7 min mile pace. Could be faster but not done too much running recently. Great out and back course so you can hi five other runners (and check their location!!). I could feel Jason Sheppard creeping up on me so at mile 5 it was time to increase the gas and managed to hold him off – he took 4 minutes off me on the bike! But that was almost the same as I took off him on the swim!

I was nearly out of energy but found the last little bit and pushed through to the end – there was a 500m marker on the road and boy was that the longest 500m going!
Great to see Mrs eel and Gem at the finish – well done to Jason for keeping me on my toes and Steve for your big smile!

I proudly wore my finishers technical t-shirt walking my dog when one of my dog walking buddies spotted my shiny white T and said how much did that cost and I thought for a second and said £70 and you get a free Olympic Triathlon thrown in. He stated, ‘I would not have bothered and just bought the T -shirt for £15 down the sports shop! How true I said!

I will be back next year… Thanks to Katharine and Gem, BAD Tri, DB Max, KIT racers and support crew…you know who you are.

Richard Franklin 113 pic
Stuart Brazington 113 pic
Sarah 113 pic

Adam Sheppard placed 4th in his Age Group at the Rother Valley Sprint on 15th June, qualifying for the 2015 ETU Championships and was 16th in his Age Group at the ETU Sprint Championships in Kitzbuhel on 20 June.

Adams race report went like this – Swim – warm; bike – technical and wet; run – cheeky hills!

Well done to Adam.

Adam Sheppard reports – Rebecca Sheppard returned to her old patch and placed a respectable 3rd at the Brackley & Dristrict Running Club’s annual Chicken Run 10K on 15 June. She then went on to win the inaugural Pucklechurch ‘Puckle Ruck’ 10K on 21 Jun. Adam said “she’s flying, thanks to Jeremy Dale’s track sessions”.

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